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Lash %: In order for us to consider your Lash Fill ins you MUST have 40% remaining lashes.We do cannot adjust any lashes with bad retention next day due to the unknown underlaying cause of proper after care. All types of services are NON refundable. 

Clean Lashes: Lashes must be clean before Full sets and Fills , if you wear mascara before your full set a $5 extra fee will be added to Lash bath.If we feel you are not considering and properly caring for your lash investment we have the right to discharge a client. your Lash Health is our priority, and you just made an investment on them. Please care for your new beauty investment! 

Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE : This is to re assure us of any possible no show, or last minute cancellation, please understand we value your time, but we also work with serious inqueries only. 

We have the right to refuse service: We strive to have  our guest feel welcomed, and enjoy their experience at Vanity Beauty. As much as we strive to be sure every guest has an incredible service we also like our environment to be a respected and professional facility at all times.

Delay: If at any time a delay crosses your way please contact us.We understand that things happen and always appreciate a call to know you are running behind. We have a MAX delay of 15 min. After 15 min we prefer to reschedule you for another day. 


A “No-Show” is a client who does not show up to their scheduled appointment without canceling a minimum of 24-hours in advance. Failure to be present at your scheduled appointment time without notice, will be recorded in each client’s chart as a “No-Show”. A second occurrence of “No-Show” without reasonable cause may result in client discharge from the facility.

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